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Pediatricians on Demand

And oh yeah, I am off this week

Originally, it was so that my wife could go to Georgia on business, but that got delayed until next week. I also took off this week to be with my son, but his asthma is so bad, he's not allowed outside. He has a doctor's appointment with a new doctor (my doctor) tomorrow. The Singulair/Atrovent combo no longer works. He's back on the machine, but that only leaves him with a few hours of relief at best. So I am mainly alone while he is on my wife's computer, playing with Neopets. He's home because of Spring Break.

His previous doctor was a nice man, but his office staff was terrible. It's a family practice, and up until a few years ago, both he and his dad worked there. The whole office seems more like train station during rush hour. I don't know why they are so busy, but they are obviously TOO busy. Want proof? Get this, to make a non-emergency appointment (shots, checkup), you have a three month wait on average. Three months! When you get there, there is always a long wait, too, so if you had an appointment at 2:00 pm, you'd likely get to the examining room by 2:30-3:00, and then maybe the doctor will come by at 3:15 or so. I say maybe because we've had several visits that ended with "the doctor is unable to see you today, he is too backed up/been called away.... please reschedule." Another three month wait. Getting refills from these people was terrible, too, because they didn't believe in automatic refills unless you really caused a scene. They often refused refills unless you had another appointment which, as you can see, made things very difficult.

He's almost 13, and should stop seeing a pediatrician anyway.

In other news, I managed to get the woodpile in order, and got a sizeable chunk of my lawn back. Not as much of the wood decayed as I thought it had. Most of the decay came from the wooden flats they were stored on. No ants or termites were present, either, which was a stroke of luck.

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