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  • 08:05 Massive Metro shutdowns this holiday weekend for track work, Green/Yellow most crippled. Because everyone owns a car anyway, who cares? #
  • 13:16 Nominate... do dooo do do doo... Nominate... do do do-doo... Nominate... do dooo do do doo, doo doo do, doo do doo-doo do... #
  • 13:20 Everyone is sick at The Mansion but good ol' Hef. Wait... @hughhefner is Patient Zero! #
  • 14:16 Seen in tech forum: "Now that the amateurs have guessed at the answer..." Arrogant, much? #
  • 14:20 I have a headache that rivals two rhinos and a hippo having a shouting contest in a pasture filled with baking pans and stock pots. #
  • 14:37 When looking at prices for dog treats on Amazon.com, I don't want to see prices, "2 Used & new from.." Used? Blecch. #
  • 17:18 I got some early pre-alpha confirmation I'll be a guest again at Balticon. Again, they have not found out I am a fraud! Squee! #
  • 18:11 'Cause there ain't no second chance against the thing with forty eyes, girl... #
  • 19:21 B A B, B A B A... B A B, B A A... #
  • 19:36 Beaker does Habanera bit.ly/YykCt #
  • 21:12 Want to see awkward? Put me at a bar. I don't drink or smoke, and I have no idea how a tab works. #
  • 21:54 Somehow, karaoke is better with drunk Japanese who sing English phonetically. #
  • 22:14 I am at a bar, wondering the best way to teach computer programming to 11-year olds. I am too geeky for this place, yo. #
  • 22:21 Thanks to SugarLabs, I can teach a new generation Logo wit-- GAH I AM DOING IT AGAIN wish someone would talk to me, or I could hear. #
  • 23:20 9 year olds in a karaoke bar? At 11pm? FAIL! flic.kr/p/76e14Y #
  • 23:25 Nothing kills karaoke like 9 year olds singing pornographic rap lyrics. Hello, chaperones??? #
  • 23:29 Thank GOD I found an interesting post-goth Wiccan loving Anime nerd at the bar. I was gonna lose it there for a second. #
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