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  • 00:39 @ephrog that fragrance was one of the rejected ones fron Ralph Lauren, "Eu du violent." #
  • 10:00 At 10:00am sharp, the political calls start. God damn, we're getting several a day now. Dems, GOP, and "polls." Most are recordings... #
  • 10:51 Linux is an Evil and Uncompassionate OS: tinyurl.com/yg3m32y #
  • 10:56 Today I attend a wedding. Thankfully, I am part of the moocher section, and don't actually have to work or anything. #
  • 11:13 More furiously addicted to Twitter, I changed a lot of my RSS feeds from Google to Twitter via @twfeed #
  • 12:59 I am not sure how my Windows desktop got infected with the "packed.monder" virus, considering I barely use Windows except for iTunes. Grr... #
  • 13:03 Seriously, I am careful, have AV, never download or visit suspicious sites or software. Use windows 2hrs/mo; Windows is INHERENTLY insecure. #
  • 13:35 Is in a mean, Microsoft-hatin' type of mood... #
  • 15:11 I may or may not have fixed virus problem. Solution? Booted into Linux and fixed the problem that way. But I gotta go to a wedding now. #
  • 17:34 Brad and Jenny Redding, Oct 10, 2009 flic.kr/p/76kxH6 #
  • 20:26 Thus is why one goes to weddings. CAKE!! flic.kr/p/76rsVJ #
  • 20:41 Cyborgs! flic.kr/p/76nHix #
  • 20:53 Mortal enemies? flic.kr/p/76nQD8 #
  • 21:40 Dancing fools :) flic.kr/p/76onCR #
  • 21:41 Let's do the Time Warp... AGAIN! #
  • 23:08 Brad and Jenny are now husband and wife ten years after we introduced them. I think at this rate, they'll have kids in 2031. #
  • 23:08 I came home to find my Linux fix fit the bill. My Windows desktop is Virus-free (for now). #
  • 23:38 Drew Barrymore is a good sport... :) #
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