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My latest brain droppings

  • 10:37 Pink Farting Weasel? Erotic Pickled Herring? Man-Eating Seals of Antiquity? Geeks... tinyurl.com/8auu9h #
  • 15:30 @takayla, @BunnyBridget asked me to party with her at for Fantasy Fest in Key West on the 31st. Can I go? #
  • 15:44 Man, I sure hope that balloon kid didn't fall out. Best case? Hiding in his closet. Who names their kid "Falcon" anyway? #
  • 15:47 Looking at the live CCN feed, am I the only one reminded of the so-called "coverup at Roswell?" #
  • 16:19 Falcon's saga is 7 of the 10 trending topics on Twitter right now. #
  • 20:01 Man, while I wouldn't want to be him right now, I am so glad Falcon is okay... #
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