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  • 08:32 OH: "I'll stop trying to explain this to you. No, I am sure, back in the village you're from, they say you're the smartest man in town." #
  • 08:46 Cookie Monster in a VW van flic.kr/p/78LFbJ #
  • 08:58 The Orange Line is so slow, I noticed that a majority of lights in the tunnels are either burned out, or dimmed by a thick coat of grime. #
  • 12:02 Rumors that I am Batman need to stop #
  • 12:03 @Aylinn No, by Ex-Lax does. Now THAT would make an interesting week. "Any one in this company give a shit?" @Aylinn raises her hand... #
  • 14:18 The recent bag of oranges we bought have so many seeds, I have had to eat the seeds just to save time. #
  • 14:46 If you're in the Reston South Lakes High School area around 6:30, there's a volleyball game where you should attend and scream *YAY CHANCE!* #
  • 17:13 RT @badbanana: Screw the Mayan calendar. This Dilbert desk calendar speaks of nothing beyond December 31, 2009. #
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