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My latest brain droppings

  • 07:23 Never go "Sure, I'll install kernel updates," on the day a new distro was released. :( #
  • 07:59 My train is rank and humid. The conductor is chipper, however. Must have gotten some last night. #
  • 08:01 @postsecret identify them? Hell, those passwords are responsible for half my headaches preventing spammers from hijacking customer accounts! #
  • 08:06 My morning commute passes over a Jaguar and tire junkyard. Like a krunk party with the Michelin Man pimp. #
  • 12:13 Haunted Harry is back! flic.kr/p/7bDUeY #
  • 12:15 Haunted Harry sets his sights on the Discovery Building flic.kr/p/7bA8CM #
  • 17:51 Asshat got luggage stuck in door, and we almost got trapped at Rossyln. Luckily, engineers freed the doors and we eventually got under way. #
  • 18:12 My life is kind of like a film with missing reels. #
  • 20:36 Stuck in meeting, want food... #
  • 22:20 My poor wife is in hell. Someone call her and break this nerd prison that traps her. #
  • 22:41 This is the worst Chili's I have ever been to. Dim staff, wet floors, cold food. #
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