punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

What do I do with all these business cards?

I have been cleaning up my den, and in the process, condensing collections of objects I have accumulated throughout the years. One of the collections that have I have been noticing is that I sure have a lot of unused business cards from the various places I have worked for the least 20 years. Most of them are in lots of 500, and in most cases, I gave out maybe a few dozen, if that. Things I could "boast" about at social events at one time or another:

- I was a manager at Crown Books.
- I was assistant manager at Chesapeake Knife and Tool in two locations. One location has two lots because the first time they spelled my name wrong.
- I was a manager of Cargo Furniture in two locations.
- I held 5 titles "worthy of business cards" at AOL.
- I read tarot (when I used to do so at a Maryland cafe, that stint barely paid for the business cards).
- I am a published author. Bonus, these cards are also stickers!
- My freelance IT work (I still use these, but I got a new set when I started getting certs).

I think I have over 6000 cards to get rid of. Now I could just chuck 'em, but I am trying to think of a creative art project.
Tags: aol, cards, ck&t, work
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