punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 11-16-2009

  • 07:25:45: RT @Glark: In honor of The Prisoner remake I have freed future epsidoes of it from my DVR.
  • 07:27:35: Get this: most of my iPhone map bookmarks got shuffled to random addresses about a mile away from where they used to be. WTF?
  • 07:30:26: I am probably the only today with this problem: I put my jacket on top of my reindeer pelt. Now I need a lint brush to remove reindeer hair.
  • 08:07:48: "I need to get reindeer hairs off my roller derby jacket," is now my new, "least uttered phrase in the English language."
  • 08:10:21: My previous least uttered phrase was, "that's the banjo player's Porsche."
  • 10:26:18: I remember when "drink your breakfast" meant whiskey: http://tinyurl.com/yjppq75
  • 11:11:14: On call again. My pager is my electronic leash. I am also doing two major overnight failovers in the same week. Oy.
  • 13:36:33: Epic! Leopard seal assumes diver is a moron that will surely starve, feeds him dead penguins... http://bit.ly/3VBOii
  • 17:14:13: @ejacqui even worse when they use the same stale bio year after year :(
  • 17:15:41: This Afro has its own zip code http://twitpic.com/psq7q
  • 18:02:42: Woman next to me fell asleep on me. I snuck a @dc_rollergirls postcard in her purse. I wonder what she will think when she finds it later.
  • 18:11:45: I always wondered why Charlie's wife didn't toss an extra nickel in his lunch. "Did he ever return? No he never returned..."

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