punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

We were down for a little while

Bear with me.

The Silverdragon server I am hosted on was down for a day or so for upgrades (which is a good thing, thank you Brad!). We're now running on faster hardware, a more advanced OS, and generally prevented eventual server burnout. Literally. Some of you may remember when the server burned down a few years ago, and I was on Chaosart for a year or two (thanks, again, Akiyu!). The power supply actually caught fire in a sort of slow burn, which cooked the hard drive, and Silverdragon was down for a year and a half while Brad had to save up for a new system.

But during the upgrade, some directories or something got shuffled around, and thus the achives of my blog are a bit messed up. If you get "no such page" or "you do not have permisson to view this page" when you load an entry, try again later.

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