punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 11-28-2009

  • 08:56:05: Too busy to tweet (this is a good thing). Yesterday: Black Friday at Union Station shops. Today: ROLLER DERBY and being bouncer.
  • 11:32:08: I can't imagine why anyone wants to be stuck with annoying relatives since Thursday. Come see @dc_rollergirls DC Armory today @ 4pm!
  • 14:10:17: @dc_rollergirls success!
  • 14:11:47: @Daecabhir how many meters in a metric buttload? Is it different than a US buttload?
  • 14:14:11: There are Katsucon Kabuki ninjas here... Rooting for the Cherry Blossom Bombshells, I am sure... #dcrg
  • 14:59:43: Guarding the locker room again... I guess I could say "no way!" but they are so short staffed :(
  • 15:04:09: See, this is what the bout looks like from the locker room post. Luckily it's for only half the bout. http://twitpic.com/rcfbe
  • 15:07:01: Former FanTek folk, you'd totally fit into this crowd. Like best combo of tech, setup, and security. Plus hot girls on roller skates.
  • 15:28:16: Scare Force One got "Captain" Scarlet to be the plane http://twitpic.com/rcjnu
  • 15:47:26: TODDLER ON THE TRACK! (some parents reaally need to be smacked)
  • 16:54:40: Guarding locker room not the crybaby jerk fest like last time; patrons MOSTLY polite, understanding.
  • 16:55:42: Scarlet got me a WhipIt pin. She is so sweet!
  • 17:08:47: Locker room duty may be a chore, but HERE, I could get killed! :) http://twitpic.com/rd1is
  • 17:54:33: New post, new view: guarding the smokers http://twitpic.com/rd9mc

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