punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 11-30-2009

  • 09:07:42: I took a severe blow to the psyche Saturday (for lack of a better term) and now my health is seriously out of whack.
  • 09:10:30: My lungs are rattling. I was winning the asthma game, but now all I can do is try and not sound like a kazoo.
  • 09:38:28: I feel a little happy an 11 year old girl, without prompting, figured out how to use OpenOffice Presenation and made a project on her own.
  • 11:42:43: Suddenly, I am whisked to Supr Sekrit data center in Ashburn!
  • 14:13:56: Things I wish Supr Sekrit place had #463: a chair
  • 14:15:44: Things I wish Supr Sekrit place had #464: Sharpies
  • 15:54:44: Back from Supr Sekrit place. I had to have my hand re-scanned. I am not kidding. Mission was a critical success.

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