punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 12-01-2009

  • 09:33:34: Everyone in my house is sick. I am the least sick, so I am the caretaker.
  • 09:55:01: It is hard to let sick people sleep when one dog thinks the other dog is going to eat all the taco chips and attacks him.
  • 10:44:37: It's scary how good I am getting at fixing broken these computer... thingees. My company is getting their money's worth today.
  • 13:16:06: Man protests gay-bashing protester's tacky skirt, gets unexpected support from LGBT community: http://tinyurl.com/yl4undx
  • 13:31:02: @WFTDA is - .6 *really* necessary? I am curious what sort of event or problem prompted these to be rules to be issued?
  • 13:33:05: @dc_rollergirls Aw, me too! I wonder how he's going to explain that suit 20 years from now.
  • 13:37:36: @WFTDA Hah, Rule 10.3.2: Well, as my dentist once said, "All bleeding stops... eventually..."
  • 14:04:03: NO WINDOWS, I DO NOT WANT TO RESTART NOW! Gees, why do I have to click "Restart later" so many times? UI FAIL.
  • 17:38:50: I didn't start out a the world's worst cake-froster, it just sort of naturally progressed with time.

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