punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 12-04-2009

  • 07:22:37: I hate that feeling of going to work after being sick: wondering what I missed, still a little out if it, not at 100%
  • 08:06:33: I wish they'd clean the rest of the debris from the Metro crash in June. It's unnerving to pass it every day.
  • 09:51:19: The Atheist Watermelon (a creation's nightmare?) http://bit.ly/8ILtWw
  • 10:22:30: RT @dayglodivine: Holy crap, this is awesome. Beyer Subaru ad, starring @dc_rollergirls: http://bit.ly/5bvIv0 GO DCRG!
  • 10:23:09: @katsucon It didn't start out that way. But someone wanted to "water the Christmas tree" and fell asleep with the window open.
  • 10:45:32: @sspenguin You have to pay extra for a good mole whacking downtown.
  • 11:40:04: I will never, ever update from Red Hat 4 to 5 again. My god, it's been weeks, and I am still fixing broken things. D'n'R from now on.
  • 12:55:09: One ear unclogged. Just the left one. I have been echo-locating in circles for hours now.
  • 17:08:08: I am losing my voice. Luckily, I can Twitter fine. Lucky you, huh?
  • 19:51:53: @arockingroupie Not sure what a jackape is, but in my head, it was in Spanish, and pronounce "yah-cahp-ay."
  • 19:53:11: Giant Food already had panicking snow people. Out of spite, I bought all the eggs, milk, ands bread. Heare kids gonna have FRENCH TOAST!
  • 20:27:46: Forewarned is half an octopus.
  • 22:18:46: Just so you know, as a courtesy to you, the non-time traveling public: http://tinyurl.com/ybkrloq
  • 23:27:26: In my high school, there was a legend named Kennard Williams, and I dedicate this Valedictorian Speech to him. http://tinyurl.com/avutsc

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