punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 12-07-2009

  • 10:34:45: I had a super good weekend. Thanks to the Heare kids, some snow, Brian and Anya, and my family. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! LOVE YOU ALL!!
  • 10:59:55: I tried to like raisins again. That didn't go so well. I try every few years, and each time I go, "Nope. I still hate them."
  • 12:17:06: The snow is melting, and I haven't finished all this French Toast yet.
  • 15:04:04: Cops are patrolling our building, looking for a suspicious woman in a dark coat doing "snatch and grab" of purses and laptops from offices.
  • 16:11:05: 22 years ago today, I started working my first retail job at age 19: full time cashier at Crown Books #803 in McLean, VA.
  • 16:22:22: Two months later, I was promoted to manager of Crown Books #854 in Rose Hill, Alexandria. Thus started my 9 year retail "career."
  • 19:16:50: @ejacqui I'm with ya
  • 20:10:31: Orange Line lurched violently, and I took the entire weight of 23 passengers between my face and a pole. Damaged my neck, broke a tooth.

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