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13 December 2009 @ 03:05 am
From Twitter 12-12-2009  

  • 07:47:05: Droidel, Droidel, Droidel... I made you out of PDF! http://is.gd/5kj8w (RT @starwars)
  • 13:02:08: @thesoup I got the best picture while hitting pause on my DVR http://twitpic.com/t7yv1
  • 14:44:29: @flanga As a kid, I used to write notes in pen on my hand, thinking "if I lose my hand, I got bigger problems to worry about!"
  • 16:16:43: @Daecabhir @choochus Dude, it's what's made our (or any) species survive. In the grand scheme of the universe, "cheating" is definitionless.
  • 17:03:43: @Daecabhir Materialism is a surrogate sense of success for the frustrated human, who still yearns for meaning in an autonomous civilization.
  • 17:14:30: @Daecabhir this causes ones happiness to be controlled by others. Thus, eventual misery and abandonment.
  • 17:34:59: @Daecabhir maybe we will inspire others!
  • 17:36:33: @Daecabhir I have been to those meetings; they are only a group form of lolly-gagging. You are fooling no one! :p

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