punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 12-13-2009

  • 08:38:46: @wilw because on film, rain does not look like rain. That's also why they paint horses to look like cows on film, didn't you know that? ;)
  • 08:45:59: I have had too many metal-tasting migraines this weekend. I am so behind on chores.
  • 12:43:31: @sspenguin None of the projected photos look sexy. It looks like someone trying to doll up a parking garage, but giving up.
  • 13:39:28: Migraines continue. I pass out (sleep) for an hour, wake up feeling great, putter around, get headache, pass out again. Repeat. This sucks.
  • 17:20:03: I started to write an anime fandom version of "Clerks" a few years ago. I never finished it, but man... I was all over the funny that week.
  • 20:17:59: RT @thebenbrooks: I've taken some serious criticism for being an atheist. Ah well, we all have our cross to bear.
  • 20:20:15: RT @navanax: My Christmas tree looks like it was decorated with the shotgun set to 'whore'.

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