punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 12-20-2009

  • 10:06:48: Dug out most of the car. Need to work on Sara's car next. Snow is up to my thigh in most areas.
  • 10:22:55: Man, how drunk WAS I at April and Paul's wedding? http://tinyurl.com/ylpc9nn
  • 10:23:46: Oh, and yes, for those looking for Sara (Sawa), she is at our house, safe, fed, warm, with bed shower and all.
  • 12:12:10: Heavy Snowplow... plowing down our street... Heavy Snowplow... the kind that likes to beep...
  • 12:38:05: I have trepidation in showing you this manly hygiene product, but no one would believe me if I didn't: freshballs.com
  • 13:48:50: I paid off some bills. Not cool. We have $11 to our name until I get paid on Jan 5th.
  • 19:08:50: I am sore. I made damn sure I didn't get a heart attack or hurt my back shoveling the car out, but now I am sore everywhere else.
  • 19:10:29: I am getting signals from the Universe again that FanTek cons should come back. The Universe needs to understand, I don't own FanTek.
  • 19:11:55: I think part of the problem is that for 21 years, Christmas time meant planning for EveCon. For a LOT of us.
  • 19:16:37: And finally, anyone know where I can get a 3' x 6' x 1" (roughly, doesn't have to be exactly that size) sheet of normal white Styrofoam?

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