punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 12-24-2009

  • 06:56:46: Apparently, Finland does not have a roller rink. Someone named Estrogeena is trying to fix that.
  • 12:48:10: Yes I am working Christmas Eve and Christmas day, and no, I am not upset about it. But If you feel the need to pity me, buy me something.
  • 13:33:43: Georgia Ave has far more traffic than one would expect for Christmas Eve in the middle of the day. #dtss
  • 13:34:56: Oh, and PSA: construction around the Silver Spring Metro Station is riddled with patches of black ice. BE CAREFUL. #dtss
  • 14:10:57: What are the odds a beggar claiming to be a lost tourist from Sweden meeting a guy who replies in Swedish? Yeah, there are no "Swedish Alps"
  • 14:29:50: I like how Metro describes their Christmas hours as "Due to the holidays..." like it's the same kind of disruption as a usual system problem
  • 15:29:16: Man... I ... I wanna Starbucks Santa hat.. ... :(
  • 22:07:46: Despite me telling people I have seen them in person, many adults still think reindeer are mythical. http://tinyurl.com/yglbd39
  • 23:24:28: Man with phony lost wallet story meets man with bad Swedish: me. What were the odds of this encounter? http://tinyurl.com/ylge7wf

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