punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 12-26-2009

  • 07:16:39: @dmlaenker anya's husband
  • 10:31:53: [sigh] I may have to give some bad news to friends. First, that Batman isn't real, and second, someone's 7yo is posing as 17 on Facebook :P
  • 13:50:23: Cosmo is determined to eat my plants.
  • 15:45:17: As for those people who went into snow panic and got eggs, milk, bread, etc... is this to say you can't go without those for, say, a week?
  • 15:54:36: Laaaaaaundry daaaaay!
  • 16:00:20: If we don't find intelligent life on other planets, blame my son.
  • 16:18:31: @Daecabhir Soul Train always marked the end of cartoons on Saturday.
  • 16:42:09: @badbanana All work and no play can make one dull, you know
  • 16:52:29: Ah, I remember now: Reason I don't buy comics #1: I can read them in like 5 min, not cost effective. #2? Cliffhangers that last months.

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