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Weekend Wrap-up: Nate, X2, Katsucon, and Injury report

Our network doesn't right now. I have nothing to do. Obviously, by the time you see this, out network went up. But right now, it's down, which means I can get nothing done, so I wrote an entry.

This weekend was very odd. It started out with Anya, as mentioned earlier. Saturday, my friend Nate was in town (he normally lives in Lompoc, California), and we went and saw X-2 with him and his family (parents and siblings). We had a good time, but I barely remember the movie because of the theater seats. Theater seats are painful, as painful as airplane seats are. They are small, narrow, have very little leg room, and after about an hour, my lower back is in great pain. So I take pain meds now before I go see a movie. Sadly, this also means I am in a slight fog when I see the movie, so I can't remember it well. I remember most of it, but it's sort of like it happened in a dream. I recall that I liked the film, and thought it was well-written, had some nice points tied up in tidy packages. Like stuff from the last movie were referenced as if they just happened, which really helped with continuity. There were some scientific physical issues, of course, but many of them I went, "That can't happen because... oh, wait, they thought of that. And have an explanation. Okay. Carry on." I give it a B .

After the movie we had sushi at Hama Sushi, one of THE best (if not pricey) sushi places in this area. The sushi and service, as always, was impeccable. Later we went back home and talked, and Nate related he was offered an interview with my company and wanted to use me as a reference. Hell yeah! When I worked with him at one of my previous jobs, he was awesome. Nate probably wouldn't be working with me, but he might be in my building.

Sunday was the Katsucon meeting. We discussed what went wrong, our pending budget issues due to the severity of the "Kat-snow-con 9.1" fiasco, and announced various department changes and future plans past K10. I had stepped down as pre-reg guy, but I promised to offer assistance and advice to those who took my place. I also offered to help out with advising the registration team in addition to James, our previous registration guy, who sadly (for us) moved to Alaska (James, we miss you. You ruled!). Balticon and Otakon were also discussed.

Then Sunday ended on a really weird note when I lost my temper at my washer and dryer, and slammed my fist so hard so many times in a row, I broke something. My wrist. Not the bones, because I can move them, but my wrist swelled up to the size of a baseball, and Christine was sure I had broken it. I don't know what I borke, but it's a lot better now. Now it's just a stiff puffy area on my wrist with no bruising at all! It doesn't hurt all that much until I actually pull on it (like lifting heavy weight). I can still type and move a mouse, obviously. Dryer seems to be working now, so it wasn't all for naught.

Yay! Network is back up... back to work!

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