punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 12-28-2009

  • 07:21:26: I wonder how the LED Lotto ads get updated on the Metro? Because they often disagree with one another.
  • 09:07:59: It can hardly be a coincidence that no language on Earth has ever produced
    the phrase, "as pretty as an airport." - Douglas Adams
  • 09:17:56: @mike_elgan "Getting hit by lightening" would mean "having your hair bleached." I think you mean "lightning." :p
  • 09:19:24: Ask your doctor if medical advice from a television commercial is right for you.
  • 11:24:03: Going through 144 scripts on a server... one at a time. "What's this one do? How about this one?" Guh.
  • 11:27:25: @NerdOverlord You may laugh at him, but when the shit gets bad, he is right there... and switches to Yankees Fantasy Baseball fan sites
  • 11:30:22: Time to walk sternly around the office with a clipboard, and not talk to anyone except to say, "I am WAY too busy right now..."
  • 11:32:46: @Daecabhir "FF Buckets of bits on the bus, FF buckets of bits. Take one down, short it to ground, FE buckets of bits on the bus..."
  • 11:46:48: The inventors of the ApacheASP module should be beaten. The previous admins here who wrote everything in it should be flogged and salted.
  • 12:37:10: The impossible often has a kind of integrity to it which the merely improbable lacks.
  • 13:23:44: Generating a list of swear words I will no longer be using after the 1st. This guarantees something really painful will happen on the 2nd.
  • 13:24:43: @Sylvin I am sorry, picturing you at a 9-5 desk job seems weird. Like you should be a tattoo parlor manager or something.
  • 13:30:03: @Daecabhir Heck yes! I'll be all public defender Christine Sullivan upon you all.
  • 13:36:28: Jet plane mechanic. Yukon trucker payroll window lady. Film editor for a paranormal research team. #jobsSylvinshouldhaveinstead
  • 14:17:22: @sspenguin I'd be up for a tweetup in #dtss in Jan. Unless that was just for one person. Then... never mind :)
  • 14:18:23: I am stunned to see so many fans flying in for Katsucon. When I was young, we drove to cons, no matter how far.
  • 15:26:21: RT @mike_elgan: New TSA rule: Everybody goes naked on airline flights. http://bit.ly/60jPnL
  • 15:27:29: @Sylvin Should I add this to my list of "stuff that happens in life" as opposed to a conscious choice, like a retail "career?"
  • 17:29:10: To the moronic teacher who had a dozen or so little kids roped together at Metro Center during rush hour... ... words fail me, you suck.

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