punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 12-31-2009

  • 08:35:51: Everything around my house is covered with a bumpy layer of ice and frozen sleet. Doggies are sliding all around.
  • 08:37:35: RT @shanenickerson: I'm am so ready to tuck 2009 between my legs, put on a dress made of back flesh, and ask the mirror if 2010 will fuc ...
  • 08:40:56: RT @pfischer : sad news to report to Baltimore-DC SF&F fandom: Mark Owings, co-founder of BSFS, passed away today from pancreatic cancer.
  • 09:12:10: @beachlurk @sspenguin the fact you two met over Twitter is blowing my mind. Go back to your respective universes. :P
  • 09:50:36: It's true, this new ice age: just saw a giant ground sloth beat up a cave bear. It was epic.
  • 09:57:50: It's the last day of this sordid decade, and nobody has come up with an official name. The "Aughts?" "Naughts?" "The Two-Kay-OOs?"
  • 10:09:07: @ephrog You need to pay a little more for the better stuff, I am afraid. I feel the same way about Manic Panic.
  • 13:33:07: Dude, if you have to reboot your corporate firewall every week... you're doing something wrong, Weezie.
  • 15:03:14: There's a fire in the rec room. Oh wait, never mind, in the fireplace.
  • 15:07:34: I was going to have a pool of nice lit candles in the bathroom, but I forgot we are having a 4 year old spend the night. And Anya.
  • 15:32:06: Guest room cleaned, candles shaped like ... something ... put away. "She's a very kinky girl... the kind you don't take home to moth-ah..."
  • 15:33:35: Guest bathrooms are now clean. Germs the size of turtles released back into the wild.
  • 15:35:58: What started as "we'll probably just have my astronomer best friend over" turned into a small sleepover party of the most mixed variety.
  • 15:39:39: Hey, if anyone has ANY astronomy questions they wanted to ask a real astrophysicist, I'll pass them along. To a 4 year old. And Anya.
  • 15:44:44: @Glark THERE'S the other half! I must have dropped it during the Saddington Bacchanal and Weenie Roast. Yes, you can have it, if you want.
  • 17:21:37: In case I don't get to tweet tonight with my eclectics, I with the rest of you bizarros a HAPPY NEW YEAR and hope 2010 is better than '09!!
  • 17:25:54: @Glark [further down the set] That explains what happened to the neighbor's pet coelacanth...

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