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From Twitter 01-02-2010

  • 11:50:09: The wind outside is howling, bed is warm. Mmmm...
  • 12:33:59: In IT, KISS means "Keep It Simple, Stupid." Now it means a search engine. ROCK AND ROLL!! http://bit.ly/8NDeOK
  • 15:08:29: ...suspects a certain anime personality is trying to fake a "grass roots" campaign to get invited to Katsucon. Tsk tsk tsk...
  • 15:12:50: @badbanana I feel the same way about a bathroom.
  • 15:19:04: I cleaned out the fridge a little. "Leftovers make you feel good twice..." -- George Carlin.
  • 15:23:38: Debating the ethics of "trying out" a $$$$ camera someone left at my house (she knows) to take "artsy fartsy pictures."
  • 15:52:56: @doctorow Example of homogenizing? If it's what I think it is, it reminds me of a resort in Cancun where ketchup was considered "hot sauce."
  • 16:57:26: Not impressed when a software company asks you to vote for their app, and tells you how to do it unethically ("vote from multiple IPs").
  • 17:01:55: Swear count: 6 on 1/1, 3 so far today. Biggest problems are quoting others and saying, "Oh *$#@&!" after catching myself swearing.
  • 17:15:27: I installed a Flash-blocker on Firefox. The CPU load of Youtube and Firefox "bloat" in general is MUCH lower now on Ubuntu. Figured as much.
  • 19:19:31: Cooked dinner. I need to do something more exciting with cauliflower that is not "with butter" or "roasted with garlic."
  • 21:53:37: If anyone wanted to see a time capsule of a sci fi nerd's bookshelf in 1990, you should have been with me packing the guest room today.
  • 22:48:27: @schwars1 Like a mashed potato? Interesting!

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