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From Twitter 01-05-2010

  • 06:53:00: @metro_man It's because those stairs are sooooo tall.
  • 08:56:31: I'm checking out Tweetvite http://tweetvite.com #twvt
  • 08:57:26: I am thinking about having a Tweet-up at Katsucon, would anyone be interested?
  • 08:58:48: @dc_rollergirls who's getting assessed? The girls or the concept of aggressive girls on wheels smashing around a track in a crowd? :D
  • 09:23:58: @tracker_t Nah, see, I just post where I'll be, we show up, hang out for an hour, and then... whatever. Like an old-fasioned BBS party.
  • 09:26:56: World's largest sushi roll threatens to take over small beach town: http://tinyurl.com/yd9p94t (I keed, I keed!)
  • 10:55:47: @grayhawk You should volunteer for security. [ducks]
  • 11:55:53: Hate customers who reply to tickets without reading them. Us: We tried "A" and it failed, alternative? Them: Have you tried doing "A?"
  • 12:00:29: "Close the blast doors! ... ...Open the blast doors! Open the blast doors!"
  • 14:01:16: When was 8, I knew when I was 41, I'd be doing database trace profiling. Yay for me.
  • 14:13:33: @Sylvin Beats the hunting and trading post for furs. Trust me. I know.
  • 15:33:27: Metro rides are about to suck a lot more: (RT @sspenguin) http://bit.ly/4VbQuN
  • 15:35:14: Don't steal from 9-year-olds: http://i.imgur.com/WWT8Y.jpg
  • 15:36:08: RT @starwars: RT @Randy_Stradley: #StarWars Fact: 2 actors played Greedo because in the 1st take Harrison Ford's blaster jammed & he bea ...
  • 15:36:41: I know many video game widows that wish they were this girl: http://tinyurl.com/yl9rqjj
  • 16:49:20: I was invited to Balticon, hooray! I sent in my stuff. I would be on a podcast about it, but that guy is like, a total flake. :)
  • 17:24:06: @metro_man I think you're on my train. Gees, spooky.
  • 18:06:13: A "problem train" at Rossyln stopped my train dead right outta Metro Center @ 5:30. Tunnel for 8 min, McPh Sq for 10 more. I hate #wmata
  • 18:08:21: Also AT&T signal dead until we got outside. Orange Line mobile lines been dead since Monday.
  • 19:37:11: I am having a bad day. Up to 8 swear words.
  • 19:50:39: The day keeps getting worse: program@balticon.org rejected my address as spam and reported me to Yahoo. I cc'd Sue @ bsfs, hope she got it.
  • 23:00:04: Going to bed. Crabby. Good night, shellfish prawns.

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