punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 01-11-2010

  • 02:00:41: Well, at 12:45, I woke up from a major asthma attack. I had to take some meds, now I am awake and I don't want to be. :(
  • 03:12:07: Now that my heart rate has dropped to more normal levels (side effect of asthma meds), round 2 of sleep attempt commences.
  • 07:26:36: @dc_rollergirls check out my friends Barb and Chris' new roller derby web comic: sledgebunny.com !
  • 07:30:52: Three hours of sleep is no way to go through work, son.
  • 13:11:14: Before any of you suggest I replace DDD for DCRG, keep in mind my short attention span and foul mouth (even without the swearing).
  • 20:06:19: "I wish I was doing heavy medicinal drugs, that would give me an excuse..." best line from an anime merchant ever.
  • 20:07:11: @Glark worse than "moist?" Worse than... "salve?"

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