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Rude people

You might wondered why I posted this a few days ago. Well, recently, I had an online duel with a person who makes me wonder why they bother to be on online help forums. I didn't want a duel, but this person was patronizing right off the bat. Basically, they claimed something was impossible even though I had done it and provided links to others who had done it and how anyone could do it. After battling with him about what he thinks happened, he started arguing semantics and redefining what I had said, and then claiming THAT was wrong. Without getting too technical about how one can mount a floppy image via loopback, it was kind of like this: imagine you had a basic car issue:

Me: I have changed my oil in my car, and I was wondering how one properly disposes of the used oil in my area. Do I just drop it off at a gas station?

Him: You can't change the oil in your car. You have to have a mechanic do that.

Me: Yes you can.

Him: Not without taking the engine apart.

Me: No no, anyone can change their oil [description of how].

Him: That's not changing oil.

Me: Yes, it is. Here's the link to the car manual, along with illustrations showing what I did [link].

Him: First of all, that does not show a normal person CHANGING oil. It shows a mechanic DRAINING oil. You are not a mechanic, and further proof of this is you don't know how to dispose of the oil, and still call it a "gas station," a term only used in the movies.

Me: Look, if you don't have the answer, why are you even bothering posting in this forum?

Him: Because people like you ruin engines ever day, trying to take them apart. Now you don't even know how to dispose of your own mess. But tell you what, go ahead and ruin it. Whatever. Not my car. You're probably a woman, anyway.

Me: Not that it matters, but I am a guy, I changed my oil, and I have a large jug of used motor oil. My car runs fine. I finally got an answer elsewhere, and I have deposed of it at my local Jiffy-Lube, who gave me a coupon for my troubles.

Him: Okay, "MISTER" So-and-so (wink)... first of all, you don't CHANGE oil. What are you, a magician? What did you change it to, a rabbit? A fully licensed mechanic can DRAIN the oil, and REPLACE the oil, but can't CHANGE it into something else, sweetie. Oh, but the thieves at Jiffy-Lube took your damaged car, and gave you a coupon. Aw, isn't that sweet.

Me: [thinking]You must be very lonely.

This is not some peon-run free Linux forum, but a forum that you can only get if you get an expensive certification which requires grueling exams to pass. And what makes it worse is this forum is filled with tons of basic, 101-level questions that anyone who supposedly passed this exam SHOULD know. Using the car model, imagine if your licensed mechanic was asking this in a forum for licensed mechanics:

- Can't a car theoretically run with no tires?
- Aren't all cars "four wheel" drive?
- OMG Steering wheels on the wrong side in London. WTF LOL
- Car runs out of gas, how often should I fuel?

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