punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 01-12-2010

  • 07:43:08: Orange Line creeping along; my seat is broken and tilts me and the dude next to me forward like we're comically anticipating something.
  • 08:16:43: More and more, I see people who get trapped on trains because it's too crowded to get to a door in time to get off. :(
  • 08:26:06: If you get trapped on a train, shouting, EXCUSE ME PLEASE or I NEED TO GET OFF!! Yields little to no response from passengers or the train.
  • 08:28:42: All snowflakes plead "not guilty" in an avalanche.
  • 11:27:08: @sspenguin They better be good cookies, then, for $600 to sell a million of them.
  • 14:12:37: @alyankovic Or in a sex scandal.
  • 17:53:20: RT @wilw: Regarding Star Trek Online, I will borrow a phrase from Pee Wee Herman: I don't have to play it, Dottie. I lived it.
  • 17:56:05: @wilw thanks; now I can see Brent in white platform shoes dancing to "Tequila." He'd do it, too. We wouldn't even have to ask twice.
  • 21:18:31: Had dinner with long-time friend. I am not allowed to tell his wife what he ate.
  • 21:19:45: I got a long lecture about how to fix scout meetings. After I typed that, I thought, "get a cheating bookie?"
  • 22:15:19: Like my writing? Know any European French (i.e., non-Quebec)? Help a walrus out. http://punkwalrus.livejournal.com/1037919.html

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