punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 01-13-2010

  • 09:45:44: Telling a company an item is "in stock" and then telling us "No, our website stock is not linked to actual physical inventory," is FAIL.
  • 09:56:08: Yesterday, I met a former baseball player who has a card that lets him eat at any Arbys for free for life! It was thanks for an ad he did.
  • 11:10:45: I deeply admire Conan's spunk. I really do, and good luck to him and his fans! :) http://tinyurl.com/ya5ad7o
  • 16:05:09: Finally straightened weirdness out with Balticon guest survey. Looks good to go. Thank you, Sue! :D
  • 17:33:16: Red line so packed, someone's iPod cord got tangled in someone else's face piercings. :( Ouch.
  • 17:45:41: Gallery Place was a madhouse. Riders couldn't get off train because THE PLATFORM WAS TOO PACKED. Ever see the cliff scene in "300?" Soon. :(
  • 18:10:00: After today's pandimonium, I think we should fire #wmata and replace them with the people who run Tokyo's rail system at these numbers.
  • 20:02:06: @NerdOverlord see? That's how I feel all day! :D
  • 20:11:39: At a bratwurst party? At a bratwurst party!
  • 21:00:09: New house rules: if we tell you that you left your stuff here, and you don't pick it up in 7 days? Ours. Liquor, Tupperware, cameras, kids.
  • 21:17:38: @bogo_lode why be different than any other party guest? :p
  • 23:47:03: I feel bad for Ringo. I liked, "Octopus's Garden." And nothing else.

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