punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 01-15-2010

  • 07:44:47: A fresh pile of freezing vomit greeted me at the entrance of the Vienna Metro as if to say, "Good morning, Punkie! Have a GREAT commute!"
  • 07:48:23: RT @badbanana: I hope Bette Midler sings to Conan on his last show.
  • 08:23:17: Random scene: outside my window where the Red Line has stopped at an angle over the train yards for 8 minutes. http://twitpic.com/y6d7t
  • 08:54:18: Bug in AOL AIM/Pidgin/Empathy/et.al. that can't authenticate logins: -- workaround http://tinyurl.com/y8lukas
  • 09:10:47: English man talks in his sleep. Wife posts what he says. Hilarity ensues in a Frank Zappa-like way http://sleeptalkinman.blogspot.com/
  • 09:17:19: The life and death of the world's most famous Bikini Team that never existed: http://tinyurl.com/ydhyynu
  • 09:32:52: I am not usually a media junkie, but this "Late Night Wars: Part II" has me riveted. Coco for the win.
  • 09:47:24: My skin is so dry that for the first time since 11 I have no acne on my face anywhere. I can feel my skin stretch when I make an expression.
  • 10:14:34: My skin is so dry, the space between my fingers looks like the salt crust on today's DC sidewalks. Had to steal someone else's hand cream.
  • 10:16:05: I pity the guy who pulled a "inverted screen prank" on the networking guy here. You have no idea what monster you have awoken.
  • 10:40:06: Wow, Flash-run sites have really started PUSHING ads. Youtube now has bumpers and popups, Pandora just made me play a trailer "Spartacus."
  • 10:58:10: Pandora just launched a popup for H&R Block. OMG, the rage. Punk smash!
  • 13:30:09: Latest spam told me "Get Woodstock Hippie arousal." That whole phrase sounds abstractly funny, maybe it's the pentameter.
  • 13:30:41: @sspenguin I will miss you.
  • 13:48:01: New term I learned today, only funny to OSI fans who know what "PEBCAK" means: "Layer 8 problem."
  • 13:53:34: @billprady so what was the answer?
  • 15:13:04: @Glark You make me so jealous sometimes.
  • 15:14:34: @metro_man You seen this? http://tinyurl.com/ydv3aj9
  • 16:23:29: I was treated to some truffles at Velatis in #dtss and... was not impressed. They were bitter, waxy, and sit in my stomach like antacids.

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