punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 01-21-2010

  • 08:48:34: I made it to work, but I am questioning the wisdom of this as my trachea rattles and gurgles. Eh... the air is good at work.
  • 09:39:17: Sagan Apple Pie recipe. Notice you preheat the oven BEFORE you create the universe, defying thermal expansion http://i.imgur.com/LxcP4.jpg
  • 10:24:07: Simply installing Windows 2003 RC2 has, so far, required 5 reboots just to update all the patches. Linux usually only requires 1.
  • 11:00:19: Ugh, I sadly overestimated my ability to stay well today. I sound like a dying concertina.
  • 11:13:24: My BP is either 189/120 or 140/90, depending on which sphygmomanometer is used at my doctor's office. Awesome :(
  • 16:41:57: Wishes his former AOL boss wouldn't keep pronouncing the convention I worked for, "Kuhtsa-kn." KAT SOO CON...
  • 16:45:02: And... my PTO has been approved for Katsucon! That was close...
  • 20:00:16: @Sylvin you ice skate fans and your hockeyball...

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