punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 01-22-2010

  • 01:36:31: Owwww... sinuses... ow... I fell asleep on one... ow....
  • 09:35:06: My asthma and bronchitis are ganging up against me. Must be a cartel.
  • 12:45:12: Firefighters are trained to wake out of a sound sleep and rush prepared and alert to a fire. Sysadmins do the same with password requests.
  • 18:06:10: I like my doctor, but his office is staffed by idiots. Same with my last doctor and the one before him. Is this normal?
  • 20:16:32: I forget just how campy the 1966 version of "Batman" really was. "I can't toss that bomb there... a flock of DUCKS!"
  • 20:19:58: 1966 Batman Movie: Nice to see that everyone properly labels everything in their lairs.
  • 21:00:18: Boo asthma. Hooray nebulizer!
  • 21:33:34: EPIC Wedding invite done as movie trailer: http://youtu.be/wTqLyCTESjg

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