punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 01-24-2010

  • 13:01:39: RT @alyankovic: Day off in San Francisco. Can’t wait to have some Rice-A-Roni – they make it fresh here!
  • 13:04:13: Cleaned out hutch. Found stuff going back to 2000.
  • 13:07:03: My lovely spouse has said going to make ice cream "some day," as part of our annual appliance graveyard "toss or keep?" discussion.
  • 14:36:51: Man, we have enough candles in this house to supply a monastery for a year. Scented, unscented, tea lights, and novelty candles galore.
  • 16:29:30: I love the word, "canoodling."
  • 17:26:25: Today's science lesson: pouring water on a magnesium fire is a no-no. Lucky for me, I read about it instead of witnessing it.
  • 18:05:37: @Glark I keep reading that as "fertile." Lots of those small cocktail umbrellas on welfare...
  • 19:03:33: In case you had forgotten, the plastic dinosaur someone set up in front of a volcano's webcam is still there http://tinyurl.com/5zz8at

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