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When did I grow up? Did I? Surely I would have been notified...

Are We Grown Up Yet? Study Says Not 'Till 26

Based on this poll of "growing up," I parsed my life down like this:

Self-supporting: Technically, age 16 is when I was buying my own clothes, school supplies, and in most cases, food. My mother was drunk most of the time, and my father certainly didn't want anything to do with me, so I was on my own. But then I see:

No Longer Living with Parents: Age 18. I guess I could get all symbolic and say 15 or earlier, but truthfully, I was still living in the same house. I was in a foster home at 18 for a few months (after my mother's suicide), then a mental hopsital for a few more months, then back "home," and then I quickly moved out to live with the FanTek people a few months later, after I graduated high school.

Full-time Job: I had been working doing odd jobs since age 12, but my first real, FICA-deducted paycheck-getting job was at age 16. That was by contract only, and so it wasn't really full-time except during the summer. Then I worked at this government contractor in the summer of 1986. Then back to the other place. My first non-contracted, year-round job was at age 18 as a book store clerk, and got promoted to manager by age 19.

Education Complete: I guess I am supposed to answer "not yet," because I never graduated from a degree-giving institution like college or a university. But when does your education really end? I still learn every day, as this blog illustrates. Even when I die, I'll finally learn what the afterlife is really all about instead of going by rumors.

Being Able to Support a Family Financially: I was 20 when I got married, and had the only job. Christine went to work right away, and with the exception of some periods here and there, both of us have steadily worked full-time jobs, sometimes with a part-time job on top of that.

Married: That's easy to answer: In June of 1989, I was 20.

Having a child: In July of 1990, I was 21.

With the exception of the education thing, I guess I was "all grown up" at age 21, but that couldn't be right. I mean, I still play with Legos and buy the occaisional stuffed animal, and I am 34.

How do you rate?

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