punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 01-26-2010

  • 07:23:06: Red Line broken at Rockville due to fatal employee accident. I ride the other end, but delays and overcrowding will affect me anyway.
  • 08:03:04: I guess the Red Line could be worse. Mood is ugly, though.
  • 08:17:28: Forgot to send this yesterday: result of search, "Time not Available." Alert Dr. Who. http://flic.kr/p/7yywwG
  • 12:23:13: @Sylvin OH PLEASE SHARE!!!
  • 12:35:40: @katsucon there *IS* no more rooms?
  • 12:47:07: @katsucon My mop still has better grammar than you.
  • 13:26:58: I am beginning to think some "press organizations" are bi-polar...
  • 13:30:16: @Sylvin I have been temped to send your co. fake ones to give you a giggle, but fear I may get someone else that responds to them seriously.
  • 13:55:56: @sspenguin I'd say you have no idea, but you probably do. Jeebus, where do they dredge up these folks? "I hate you. TAKE MY FREE TICKETS!"
  • 13:56:41: Collection of cute notes someone's wife left them in his lunch: http://chrisilluminati.com/?p=1490
  • 16:37:55: A coworker just found a ticket still open --"On Hold"-- with a vendor opened in 2005. You think they'll get back to us?
  • 17:08:07: WMATA hazmat procedures: put a cone ny it and let nature take care of her own... http://flic.kr/p/7yAoQH
  • 18:00:31: Holding at West Falls Church, no reason given.
  • 22:19:31: "A toast... to absent friends... and a toast... to Rocky!"
  • 22:53:28: Paged again. For passwords. Again.

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