punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 01-27-2010

  • 10:17:34: I suspect that the whole "iTablet"... "iSlate" or whatever Apple may be spewing today will shut down Twitter in its feeding frenzy.
  • 12:11:35: In which I read a really old book: http://punkwalrus.livejournal.com/1042809.html
  • 14:16:59: Watching iPad event live. So far, so good. The rate plans were just announced at $14.99 for 250mb/mo, $29.99 for "unlimited" (hur hur)
  • 14:17:55: "You can activate right on #iPad itself and there's no contract. Prepay." That's nice.
  • 14:20:36: #iPad starts at $499 for WiFi, but is not GSM-locked. 3G model costs extra $130 Wow, this will be huge.
  • 14:24:30: @grayhawk 1GHz Apple A4 Chip. They had an MLB demo on it that looked real smooth.
  • 14:42:44: @grayhawk I think they won't have any #iPad products for at least 60 days, IIRC

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