punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 01-29-2010

  • 07:17:57: RT @hodgman: I prefer to think JD Salinger has just decided to become extra reclusive.
  • 09:19:09: Man, I am on fire with fixing stuff. The last 2 days have been full of win. Lot of "I have no idea what I am doing... oh, wait, yes I do!"
  • 09:51:10: [LOL!] RT @peeweeherman Check it out! I got an advance iPad and my friends at Funny or Die filmed the whole thing! http://bit.ly/a0miCL
  • 10:37:55: It's kind of a bummer when you are searching your email for a friend's name who has the same name as a common noun (Hope, for example).
  • 13:48:40: "No matter the surface, definitely don’t land on your head." [SFW, no gore] http://tinyurl.com/yasmsqu
  • 13:49:43: The most fascinating story you'll read about ants and their colony survival today: http://tinyurl.com/yf4h9r5
  • 14:00:49: Don't anthropomorphize machines, they don't like it.

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