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Shoot My Head Like a Rock Star...

Well, it's 3:09 in the morning, and since the Beef-like BBQ sandwich I got at the DC Improv is keeping me awake, I figured I'd give a kind of week wrap-up. It obviously sucked. Damn. And not just me, either. My friend Brad got very sick, tonadoes touched down around here, they had a mini-layoff at work. In fact, this week sucked fo so many people, I got off lucky! All I have is a huge dark spreading bruise on my right wrist and hand to remind me how it all started...

My wrist is HEAVILY bruised. I mean, it's yellow and red and blue and black, but the soreness is mostly gone. It didn't help when I slammed my fist on the table at work, mad at some other stuff.

My Linux box has a new power supply, and while the PS has a noisy fan, it is less noisy than the fan before it, which totally died. I took apart the old supply, and the fan, I swear to God, the fan was hard to turn even by hand. It was like pushing through clay. Sadly, the fan was hard-wired to the PS, so I tossed the whole thing. It was only 250 Watts anyway. The new (used) one is 300. I shouldn't notice the difference, but my Linux box seems to run faster. It's probably all in my head.

My primary workstation at my office is still down, and our internal help department is as clueless as always. I state my workstation was getting memory fail errors on boot, and the tech only puts down, "Complains his anti-virus software isn't working." (I suppose, because I said that after the anti-virus download, by machine stopped working) Sigh...

But it ended well. I got to see Comedy Central's Dave Atell, and while he was funny, he reminds me of a lot of reasons I never have seen comedians in real life: I know almost all their routines. But apart from 50% of the works I could mouth from my own memory, he did have some new stuff, and I thought was very funny. He is very blue, I must warn you, and not in that BB King way, either. In a Red Foxx way. The featured act before him was Allan Goodwin, and he's funny as hell. He held his own, man, as an opening act. You should go see this guy.

Okay, I have to go. It's past 3:30am, and Artoo has managed to get in my den and jump on my shoulder. No, really. Look to the left here. Artoo meows and meows and meows and meows to get in my den when I am in here, and when I let him in, he won't let me type, jumps on me, chews on my fingers, and then, finally, goes into my closet and starts knocking things around. Then I throw him out. Then he meows and meows and meows and meows to get in my den again.

One last thing: I have (or will be) updating some photo pages. I have new pictures of Little Miss Bitchy, Storm. I also have some great flower pics. Check out my Wot's Noo page. Let me know what you think!

In closing, this weekend will be rainy all weekend, so I can't do lawn work (my yard looks like a meadow; it's been ideal grass growing conditions, but too wet to mow), si I will be doing some badly needed housework (fun!) and then on Mother's Day Sunday, Chrstine is going to get a new fish tank. No, really. She knows, and loves the idea.

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