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From Twitter 02-05-2010

  • 06:55:25: I find it ironic that a local Winterfest has been canceled due to predicted snowfall.
  • 07:21:08: @katsucon True... this happened to these two guys I know: http://tinyurl.com/ylfk4b
  • 07:41:23: Well, votes are in: Metro in panic, people flipping out, schools closing. I am staying home, playing Bimbo Jet: http://youtu.be/8VJLukTNJjA
  • 08:26:08: It's already snowing... that was quick.
  • 09:54:53: Snow stopped for a bit, and is now starting again. Trash cans hauled in, car parked for ease of shoveling, inflatable penguin removed.
  • 10:04:38: Last blizzard name: #Snowpocalypse. This blizzard name: #SNOMG! http://tinyurl.com/yan262t
  • 10:31:17: @ChrisImpink "Oohh, wee... Tai Shan. You just bemberrsed yerself..." http://tinyurl.com/yd6n2ap
  • 10:51:14: Snow is now poring down in significant quantities. It's on, #SNOMG!
  • 11:08:22: I saw a glacier lurking around. I chased it off with spears and a spiked club.
  • 12:37:03: RT @pfischer http://snowpocalypsedc.com/ #SnowPocalypse
  • 13:12:19: Snow is wet, warm, and heavy. This actually broke down some pack ice on my deck, and I was able to clear it much easier.
  • 15:03:15: I just shooed woolly mammoths from my trash.
  • 17:03:59: Off the clock, now time to shovel, do laundry, and work on some Katsucon stuff.
  • 17:09:21: Still on my schmatzly Hispanic pop click, listening to "España Cañi" by Charo (club mix). ¡Ay yi yi! ¡Vamos a Bailar!
  • 17:26:01: Ugh, my secret soda stash went flat. Or something. Bleah.
  • 17:37:38: Snow is a wet slush, really. Easy to scoop, even if a bit heavy.
  • 21:38:26: Done a lot of shoveling. Keeping safe and injury-free. It's not exactly futile, it will help a little with the big dig tomorrow.
  • 21:39:02: The power has flickered three times. This is worrisome, as I used all the firewood during the last blizzard.

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