punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 02-09-2010

  • 06:53:42: I am sore as heck. I am plowed out to the street, but the roads are still super-slick. Rt 50 is still a mess.
  • 08:12:18: Fellow ex-Prunes may find this funnier on many more levels (especially in crowded elevators) http://tinyurl.com/yly3n53
  • 08:24:47: I am not a fan of DJ mixes that have too much "neat-o movie dialog" in them. I want music, not 20 minutes of some PD horror movie.
  • 08:49:50: Developing The Inflatable Cat, and hazards in creepy-pig-cat-face http://tinyurl.com/yldbfcg
  • 08:50:43: RT @jonward11: Just spoke w metro: they said a communications line fell off the ceiling and was extinguished. So there was apparently so ...
  • 11:05:01: @CraigyFerg, discovered your show way late in the game (like weeks ago). Been looking for Carson replacement since '92. TAG, you're IT!
  • 16:44:45: It's starting to snow hard outside :(
  • 17:03:45: Ooh, forgot to tell you: I just got certified as a Novell CLA! Go me!
  • 17:17:13: @Sylvin I learned that before Vegas. Power went out the day before our trip. We had to pack by lantern.
  • 20:34:48: We shoveled what little accumulated. It may be an inch, but that's an inch less to shovel tomorrow.

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