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15 February 2010 @ 03:06 am
From Twitter 02-14-2010  

  • 16:22:01: @beachlurk I heard you were here. Sorry to miss you and Bruce. :(
  • 16:31:07: @beachlurk like 3-4 hours every day since Thursday. 8-noon, plus several smaller in evening. One more big post-meeting tomorrow.
  • 16:34:45: @beachlurk heh, who says I didn't. Yeah I loathe meetings. But at least THESE meetings are relavent, on topic, ans solve problems.
  • 17:07:28: @beachlurk the hotel -loved- us. Know the lessons you and Bruce taught a lot of us still hold true. Polite and Friendly forever. (salute)

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