punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 02-18-2010

  • 09:48:48: @Jkid4 They didn't say 4chan was BAD; the argument could be made that even the other image boards on 4chan are not a lifestyle, either. ;)
  • 12:02:02: A $79 iPad for the rest of us, LOL http://bit.ly/9wWKR7 (Nerd quote alert: "Like Plesk for iPad")
  • 16:03:31: @HelDC I beg to differ. Steroid use is part of the "sports culture" but that doesn't mean it's acceptable or condoned by a majority.
  • 16:05:32: @tracker_t just dealt with that, sadly. Love it when they tell me what I "really mean" when it isn't.
  • 18:17:41: @HelDC how about drinking and driving? Ever see what X can do to a person? Hardly acceptable "recreation," IMHO
  • 20:04:50: @HelDC trying to understand your point but failing. X is illegal. While some ravers do X that doesn't mean rave=X or Katsu should allow it.
  • 20:30:33: @HelDC I go to raves, and so few people do X, it's not an excuse. Just the tweakers, they bring dealers, and the party is over.
  • 22:13:28: Storm thinks Taboo has smelly feet http://flic.kr/p/7E4xPZ

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