punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 02-23-2010

  • 09:15:28: Having grown up a little ostracized, I never know what is considered teasing and what isn't with some people. :(
  • 09:38:17: @ninjacooter I remember how popular you were with Ippongi Bang at Katsucon 4. I hope your boobs recovered. Also, no SuperSoakers for you! :)
  • 09:42:30: I might be interested in the iPad, but Apple's demo video is so self-congratulating, so back-patting of itself, I want to puke.
  • 09:43:58: Apple iPad, "OMG, when you want to type a letter, a KEYBOARD slides up automatically! It's SO NATURAL!" Um, what is the opposite of "squee?"
  • 10:31:38: My typing is getting so sloppy. :(
  • 10:43:32: There was a huge explosion in our data center. After a posse swept the area, we think it was a rapid decompression of an HVAC seal break.
  • 20:35:06: "Where did he learn to negotiate...?" "I wonder..."
  • 21:16:27: "How long are they gonna call them that? They have been out for-EVER!" - @takayla on Dippin' Dots, the "Ice Cream of the Future"

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