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The Matrix - Reveiwed

I hate movies that have been over-hyped, because they all say stuff like it's the second coming of the messiah, so you get your hopes up to see something so great, so wonderful, that can't possibly be delivered; including the second coming of the messiah. So I tried to ignore the hype, but I did read the reviews for the last week, and it seemed like the standard kinds of things someone might say if Jesus came back: "Man... I thought he was taller or something."

I liked it. I did get to read the plot synopsis in spoilers, so I kind of knew what to expect, and thus, was able to concentrate on the movie and the acting more. Warning: it takes thinking. I don't care what some reviewers said, some of this movie is pretty heady and self-referencing (it has to be, or the movie would be even longer and need a Powerpoint presentation or something). Very Kafka-esque and Orwellian in some areas, especially about who controls whom, what is destiny, and a lot about the illusions of the freedom of choice. I think if you came to see nothing but non-stop Kung-fu fighting, you'd get frustrated by the semi-quasi-religious-theo-philosophic tracks they follow sometimes. This was *definately* a cyberpunk kind of story.

I got to see it with my family, and Sara (whom, along with me and Rogue, form the "Scopion Posse"), amid the pouring rain outside. The theaters in the Fairfax Town Center seem to be woefully understaffed, and this is the second time that some of the trailers went awry, they forgot to dim the lights until partway through the movie, the trash cans were overflowing, and that the theater floor was scattered with loose trash. They give the impression that they are losing money like crazy. Bottled water, for instance, is $3.00 for a small bottle. For water! It costs about $20 just to get a big tub of popcorn, a bag of candy, and three drinks for my family. But they don't let you sneak in your own food... in theory, no one has ever searched anyone that I have seen. Oh well.

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