punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 02-26-2010

  • 07:48:34: @ephrog that's why Dave Attell says to never get drunk while wearing a hoodie.
  • 07:52:22: So tired. Got a full day ahead of me with 3 hours sleep.
  • 08:21:51: Nothing more incongruous than a silverhair in a mink coat with a hippie backpack http://flic.kr/p/7FVeXo
  • 08:25:34: My Latin scholar pals, RT to @ninjacooter: What would the phrase 'Mutate or Die' be in Latin?
  • 08:32:17: #wmata announced to "all above ground station managers" to tie down loose objects because of high winds. The EL on the Red Line is crawling.
  • 08:34:24: @katsucon @Balticon they ARE grandma at Balticon. "101" should be replaced with "according to whippersnappers" or "get off my lawn!"
  • 08:38:45: @katsucon @Balticon yeah, I am addicted to Geritol and Werther's Originals, so sue me. CJ Henderson will back me up on this.
  • 09:06:01: @katsucon @Balticon Probably not after these tweets, I won't be. Heh.
  • 09:09:09: Everybody scheduled everything March 6th. So far, I have four "must attend" events to choose from.
  • 09:16:15: So far for March 6th: Roller Derby, Katsucon meeting, a wedding, and friend from Florida visiting for one day only. Not fair.
  • 09:33:58: The wind is hitting our office building with such force, the windows are creaking and flexing.
  • 10:08:50: @ninjacooter I have one from Kelsi, "Mutate vel intereo."
  • 11:49:01: @gwenniepenny Is it the Coriolis effect? Those small islands are hard to hit with ICBMs or lasers, have you tried ship-launched missiles?
  • 11:49:55: For my IT scouts: www.nerdmeritbadges.com
  • 20:15:21: I have always liked when bowling alleys have gutter guards for kids. I wish they had those when I was young.
  • 20:47:50: @Sylvin is trusting me to tweet the evening. We are at AMF Bowling and wishing Anya HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
  • 22:22:48: Bok Choy Boy (from the Forbidden City) http://flic.kr/p/7FZtH4

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