punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 03-04-2010

  • 07:47:54: Got almost a full night's sleep for the first time since Saturday. Feel SO much better about life today.
  • 08:01:33: The Orange Line is packed solid. Crabby man in overcoat just berated a woman with a large suitcase for choosing unsuitable time to travel.
  • 08:15:55: I wish I got a picture, but a man who looked like an Anime villain was on the train: skinny, overcoat, long pageboy haircut, big pointy nose
  • 09:31:20: @Glark Well, when you don't pay protection money, "things" happen. Stuff breaks; my coworker here gets clumsy when he's upset... ya see?
  • 10:26:46: Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri condemns terrorism in Islamic fatwa (religious ruling), stating bombers destined for hell http://tinyurl.com/ykpy6zm
  • 10:27:18: @gwenniepenny HEY LET'S GO, HEY LET'S GO... WE'RE HAPPY AS CAN BEEEEE...
  • 12:13:30: I feel bad, going through my FB Friends List, wondering who I can get for a volunteer for a very specific job...
  • 13:58:10: You know how hard it is to find an old FanTek friend who goes by just one a letter name? Husband's name is a gerund? Luckily, T found me! :)
  • 14:30:21: @RealBigDannyT I think my wife and I might like to do that Skype thingee! Count us in!
  • 19:04:57: @CattailNu I never knew he had an extra i at the end. This entire time I thought his Icelandic name was an English gerund suffix.
  • 19:34:57: @CattailNu I think it's I never saw it actually spelled. I was hoping your name was "Tee," until @takayla corrected me one day...
  • 19:39:16: @Balticon No, but hum a few bars and I'll fake it.
  • 21:05:46: So, will a Lava Lamp work in Jupiter's gravity? A man builds a dangerous machine in his flat to find out. http://tinyurl.com/ycxqhzj
  • 22:42:26: Dead hard drive is dead (luckily in non-critical system).

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