punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 03-05-2010

  • 07:46:47: Really, Rick James? Was a hotel room with incense, wine, and candles really THAT freaky for the 1970s? Not exactly handcuffs and a goat...
  • 07:51:28: @diggtop what, are they porting Linux to tunips now?
  • 07:53:11: My Red Line train operator is riding the brakes. My train is jerking more than Jamaican pork. #wmata
  • 12:39:35: @gwenniepenny "Tthat's not a regular rule: you invented it just now!" "It's the oldest rule in the book!" "Then it ought to be Number One!"
  • 12:42:18: Last night was a return to sleep-robbing sinus headaches. Maybe 3 hours sleep in 20-40 min increments. This sucks. Seeing doc next week.
  • 12:54:38: A sinking feeling occurs when your customer's website has a default "Apache 2 Test Page: powered by CentOS" instead of what they expected.
  • 15:48:46: @pfischer I rip 'em out.
  • 21:50:00: RT @badbanana: Tim Burton has pretty much taken everything from my childhood and made it creepy. Wonder what he'll do to the Big Wheel.
  • 21:50:44: So tired... in meeting for another hour...

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