punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 03-07-2010

  • 09:12:02: RT @badbanana: I had planned to teach my robot right and wrong, but so far I'm pretty impressed with its choice of victims.
  • 09:26:48: @TaraAriano you know someone STOLE my copy? There's a complement: someone wanted yr book so bad, they committed a misdemeanor in my own home
  • 10:19:34: I all honesty, I really think a majority of "gourmet cooks" overdo simple recipes to the point they think I have unlimited time and money.
  • 10:21:45: @donttrythis If anything, know you took the concept of science, stole it from the boring elite, and gave it back to the hands of the people.

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