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From Twitter 03-10-2010

  • 11:28:44: RT @cyborgturkey: "My consort here will pour us each a brandy; then we shall match wits in a tedious game of colored pegs." http://bit.l ...
  • 11:30:57: "Look out everyboddy, there's a LOBSTER LOOSE... ohh gahd...!" (too obscure ref?) http://bit.ly/asJDmd
  • 11:32:34: After doing better for a bit, the pain returned to my sinuses, which have spread down my neck, into my teeth, and it's back to the docs 4 me
  • 11:55:48: My whole jaw feels like a bruise; I wonder if the sinus infection made me grind my teeth and I broke something. I see Xrays in my future.
  • 13:43:44: On my way to the doctor's. While I'm gone, you can look at these photos from Gorm and Michelle's flashmob wedding http://tinyurl.com/y8l6db7
  • 15:23:12: Nobody panic, but they think I may have mono. I show all the symptoms, but they have to do bloodwork to be sure.
  • 15:24:28: @Glark I await the results with the same adoring stare I had for "Han Solo Cologne (which is also a name I used to dance under).
  • 15:43:20: "Dolce & Gabbana" sound like a Vaudeville comedy team, and until today, I didn't know they made clothing.
  • 18:46:54: Now on a timed regiment of pain meds, learned less scary truth of Acetaminophen/Ibuprofin levels safe to take.
  • 18:49:09: Okay, if they are on "XIII," it's not much of a "FINAL Fantasy" anymore, is it? I think should have been called "Cosplay/AMV Fuel XIII"
  • 19:47:20: @wilw remember, this is Tinsel Town. You could get rejected because the director's daughter got distracted by a chipped nail.
  • 20:17:37: Maybe it's the pain meds talking, but I could watch otters play on TV for hours a day.
  • 20:44:05: From Faces Nightclub Website: "accepting all patrons 21 and older, including Republican Senators." HAH!

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