punkwalrus (punkwalrus) wrote,

From Twitter 03-15-2010

  • 07:37:32: Sometimes I dream about sci fi fandom back in the 1980s; changed much it has.
  • 11:09:28: I just handed out an olive branch that could easily be mistaken as a knot of thorns [crosses fingers].
  • 12:47:53: Jesus, I just realized some of my my mixtapes are over 25 years old. (RT from @monkey_goggles) http://is.gd/aIjcZ
  • 12:49:03: RT @MythBusters: Anyone know where we can get BIG Mylar balloons - say 5 feet across? Send your replies to @mythbusters
  • 13:41:30: This meeting room is nice and quiet. I am not the one that called the meeting, but no one else showed up or sent out a meeting cancelation.
  • 13:58:43: I was ejected from the meeting room for being too pathetic.
  • 16:33:02: Ugh, my metro car reeks of rot and mildew. I had a fridge experiment that smelled like this once.
  • 17:53:43: Is it ironic that I want to smack people who abuse their kids in supermarkets?

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