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Crap: blood tests show nothing but a surprise that doesn't help

Well, here's my results:

I once *had* mono. But I don't now. The nurse, who spoke with a thick accent, said that people sometimes have mono and not even know it. "Maybe it was a time you felt tired and you didn't know why, but you don't have it now." I didn't think I had it now, but hey, what do I have?

White blood cell count normal. Blood sugar a little high, but I didn't fast before the blood test because it wasn't a requirement. Potassium is low, and they suggested I eat more bananas and oranges. I was already eating bananas and oranges, I guess I need more, or take a potassium supplement.

So what is wrong with me? "Keep on the antibiotics," she said, "and if you don't feel better, call us back in a week." My antibiotics ended today, and I really don't feel a whole lot better (although, I feel better today than I have since last week).


See, this is why I don't like going to the doctor's. I seem to get a lot of "there's nothing wrong, you big sissy." And after years of ignoring symptoms and things coming and going, I sort of take this approach that it's all in my head. If I can deal with the pain, I do so. According to half my friends, this philosophy will kill me. Most of you are very well-meaning, but I have to say when I get some alarmist, "IF YOU DON'T SEE SOMEONE ABOUT X YOU'LL GET Y AND IT KILLED THIS GUY I KNOW" I sort of tune you out. I don't want to be one of those hypochondriacs who pops pills and sees the doctor for every sniffle, screaming, "there's blood in my mucous!" Doctor's visits are $30/pop after co-pay, plus the meds, plus time off from work, plus everything else.

But this is a case where the pain is very real and it's affecting my day-to-day activities in a significant way. Right now, as I type this, I feel this bulge behind my nose right under my left eye. At times, the pressure gets so bad, it makes my eyeball not swivel right. My nose is always slightly runny, and my jaw and left ear hurts. The pain, when it hits, sends shock waves down my neck into my back which makes the muscles seize up like they do when you get an electrical shock. Throughout the day, the pain moves around, which is very confusing. Like, as I type this, the pain is centered on my left tonsil. This morning, it was my teeth. Last night, it was my RIGHT sinus that prevented me from shopping, and as I fell asleep, it was in my right ear. This marked the first time it was on my right side, so it's spreading. And whatever it is has started to adapt to antibiotics. Could be a rhinovirus affecting my sinuses, but I didn't go to med school for 4 years, nor have the 4+ years post grad work and residency to make a valuable judgment on those sorts of things. I am just impressed that I know "rhino" is a Latin root word for "nose" (e.g., rhinoceros = "nose horned").

Give me a busted Linux box, I have a great chance of figuring out what's wrong. Human body? Not so much. I approach all my medical issues like a Linux box where I don't exactly have root access, but I am still considered an administrator who is constantly swamped with other projects and not keeping good maintenance.

So now what? I guess wait. I suspect I will be in severe pain by the next few days since the antibiotics ran out this morning, and they will send me to an ENT specialist. Not looking forward to that.
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